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jdhallissey 10-17-2008 12:22 AM

When are we playing in the mud?
The thread is the question answer now!!!!:flipoff::punk:

HkdOnJP 10-17-2008 08:16 PM

THIS SUNDAY!!!!!! i'm goin to the cliffs its in marseilles.

The Cliffs Insane Terrain

we'll be doin some easy stuff on trail one you are more than welcome to come. i know your near crystal lake so look up Seneca IL mapquest it.

i f you want to come i'm gonna pm my cell number any one else in the area that wants to come is more than welcome......

i'll be in my heep,my buddy will be in a bronco and then maybe a quad.

jdhallissey 10-18-2008 12:44 AM

I am most likely in. Just gotta make sure. Come on we need more guys and gals

jeepmiller09 05-19-2009 09:02 PM

Sorry i will be in the BadLands but I will be sure to make a trip to this place too!!! Looks sweet!

john's ct jeep 05-20-2009 09:45 AM

Someone take pics and post them.

Mr.Voytek 05-21-2009 06:50 PM


Originally Posted by HkdOnJP (Post 273408)
THIS SUNDAY!!!!!! i'm goin to the cliffs its in marseilles.

Are you still going to the Cliffs? Don't have any plans for this Sunday yet :)

rock4xfab 05-21-2009 06:53 PM

Just talked to my Buddy that owns TNT offraod on the proerty at the cliffs there is a samurai event going on Sat, Sun, Mon... You better be good down there Josh a little Zuk going to kick your butt LOL

aaronc88 06-28-2009 04:22 PM

I will be going to the cliffs july 4th or 5th if anyone wants to go let me know.

pockets 07-24-2009 11:59 AM

the cliffs
i live by the cliffs (15 min) but i"m still workin on the heep

TJ Wrangler 08-03-2009 10:51 PM

hey guys i did cliffs!

It was way to intense for my little stock 4 popper but i managed to make it through the begginers trail and some of the intermediate. i bottomed out onto the skid plates so many times. are there any less muddy places to go around ill? the mud made everything to difficult for my little jeep.

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