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dbbd1 10-19-2008 11:00 PM

A Quick Body Mount Question
After today, my TJ is squeaking like a buckboard horse-drawn carriage! It seems that my body mounts are shot. I loosened up (quite a bit) the 3 on the driver's side (where it is the worst) and it stopped. It appears to me that I am getting metal-to-metal contact, the metal insert in the mount is exposed (normal?). I would like to get poly's (no need for a body lift yet though). My question is- are the lower, on the under side of the frame, rubber mounts, considered the "body mounts" also? Or are they some other name as part of the body mount "system" and only the rubber between the frame and body are the "mounts?" If I get a kit, I would like these to be included too. This is where the problem seems to be.
As always, you are all great and "thank you."

whiteyj 10-19-2008 11:17 PM

When I replaced mine (on a YJ) the OEM set had both. They basically sandwhich the tab on the frame. On the YJ there was a "mushroom" shaped sleeve that ran through everything on the 6 main points. These six pieces were like $70 total at the dealership.

dbbd1 10-20-2008 09:28 AM


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