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coadavid 10-20-2008 04:34 PM

Which Wrangler To Buy?
So I'm sick of having a sedan (after having an SUV before) and am looking to get a Wrangler Unlimited so I can do some off-roading, camping, dirty stuff once again.

What I'm wondering is whether it's worth the extra $$$ to get the Rubicon. The features you get seem awesome, but starting @ 32,000+ sucks.

Which trim level (XC, XS, Sahara or Rubicon) do you think is worth it? I'm not looking to anything insane at this point, but I may want to do some Rock Crawling, etc. later on. I'm leaning toward either the Sahara or Rubicon... Is the extra $3,000+ worth it?

FYI: I live in California and so will mostly be doing the OC Foothills, Riverside, maybe Glamis, etc.

- Dave

jpdocdave 10-20-2008 04:57 PM

the rubicon is one thing they got right from the factory. if you got the dough, you can't go wrong with that, since it sounds like you're not gonna go nuts and put on 38"+tires.

Dare2BSquare 10-20-2008 05:00 PM


dogsnhorses 10-22-2008 04:06 PM

Rubi if you can afford it. I got one, won't have a chance to play in it for a long while to give you input but just the resale alone was one of the reasons we went that way. We didn't want to go with a slightly upgraded X just to go, "Gee, wish we had the rubicon or dang, next jeep we are getting is the rubicon."

You sure won't miss your sedan, I'll never drive a car again.

GMULKEY 10-31-2008 01:58 PM

i have owned a wrangler since 1979. i bought my first ruby in 2007 and i love it.
i think it is worth every penny you will spend.

armyrecruiter 11-05-2008 02:48 PM

Here's how I see this. (for what it's worth)..
If you are, then skip the Rubi, and get an X. BASE model with 4 WD and nothing else, then use the money that you saved to buy GOOD stuff (better than Rubi stock) and install on your own. I just looked at getting a second 4 door, 4WD for 17K at my local dealer (program car). That would give me 15-17 MORE THOUSAND to buy the add ons. Then instead of the weaker Jeep lockers you could get OX or ARB, Chromoly shafts, the CORRECT wheels for the tire size you want to run (remember that lifting alone will only allow so much before you rub without changing backspacing) Full skid plates, lift, Tom Woods Driveshafts, control arms and track bars, winch (so often overlooked) and STILL be in as cheap or cheaper than a Rubi.... Careful shopping in the right places (salvage yards and offroad packrats in your area should even get you a Dana 60 for the rear and a 44 for the front, then sell your 44 Rear and 30 Front secondhand. Or just bombproof your 44/30 (the RIGHT HD components in the 30 front are better than a stock Rubi 44 front) high steer arms, WHATEVER your wheeling requires... Most hardcores agree that the Rubi is a great entry level wheeler, but as you go along, you start tossing parts off of it.... Everybody loves an upgrade.

If you aren't a mechanic, the labor would KILL your wallet, then just get the Rubi.....

I made the mistake of buying upgrades that I have the ability to install myself thinking that I wouldn't void the warranty (I got the lifetime), but then was informed that just by adding a lift I MIGHT void it anyway since "it changes driveline angles"..... (one of my co-workers was told that just switching WHEELS could void his!!!) What a crock. I am pretty sure that I am going to get the 17K "program Jeep" and put my money in it, then even if they won't cover it, I saved enough to buy my own parts... The girlfriend likes my Red one enough that she wants to take it over anyway...

Hope that helps, if you can wrench your own, then get the knowledge about WHAT you want to do with it, then build your PERFECT rig. If you can't wrench, get the Rubi. It's sort of a good compromise in all around Jeeping.

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