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Edward MacTavish 03-01-2013 08:06 AM

My Jeep is sick
About two weeks ago I purchased a 97 wrangler that I really thing is great. Driving my truck again just dident feel right. Whats going on with it is the check engine light came on and I started looking to see what it is. Working on it one night I turned on the dome light with the door open and smoke started coming from the dash. I found out that the wires for the dome light to door switch were completely bare. I dident have the time to look into it so I took it into the shop and it turns out I have three burned out switches and quite a few burned out wires. While in there we also found that the heater control arm in broken leaving the heater on.

Lots of fun fixing up what the PO did not tell me about.


Steve305 03-01-2013 08:36 AM


Originally Posted by Edward MacTavish (Post 3437381)

Lots of fun fixing up what the PO did not tell me about.


Sorry for your troubles. But WELCOME to the world of USED JEEPS. ;) I've found a few things on mine that would make you say "HOLY CRAP". Why people do these stupid it'll-be-alright-for-now-I'll-fix-it-right-later patches is beyond me.

Hang in there ... you'll get everything sorted out. :thumb:

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