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volfo 03-01-2013 02:13 PM

No amp - which speaker? Infinity or Polk?
Replacing the sound bar and probably the front speakers (not the tweeters) in my 2012 Jeep Wrangler with 130 stereo. Plan to upgrade the head unit to something double din with more power, but do not plan to install an amp. Which would be the better choice, the Polk 651 series or the Infinity reference 6032 series? I've installed the Polks in an old boat before and liked them, so leaning slightly that way; the reason I'm considering the Infinity is because based on the 2ohms spec vs. 4ohm spec and 93db sensitivity rating vs. 92db, I'm thinking the Infinity's might be slightly louder than the Polks and without an amp and top down that could be important? They are basically the same price, so wondering what people think. I know I'd have to use the slim mount versions in teh front dash and could use either version in the soundbar (although regular version would mean using the aftermarket grills instead of hte factory).

I'd love opinions on this. Also if anyone has any suggestion for a lowish cost, highish powered double din bluetooth head unit with Pandora and sat. radio (no need for nav) , I'd love to hear that as well. I was just looking at the Kenwood, Sonys and Pioneers on Crutchfield.

Jma20a 03-01-2013 08:40 PM

I run infinity speakers in my setups over the years. The reference series is junk but the kappa and kappa perfect are great. I hear that the polks might be marine rated making them a good match for a wrangler.

As for a headunit i would say to go with pioneer, alpine, or kenwood.

spr0k3t 03-01-2013 10:04 PM

^^^ That. I'm running a Polk setup and have been impressed with the sound quality on the aftermarket headunit. Keep in mind, I used to do audio comps for SQ (no SPL)... had some Focals in a deadened car that were to die for. Headunits wise... splurge a little for the higher quality units... it will pay off the in long run.

volfo 03-03-2013 02:56 PM

Thanks guys. I'm gonna buy the polks I was planning to buy and a head unit. Leaning towards the Kenwood solely because it is rated 22 watts RMS per channel vs. Alpine 18. Without an amp, I'd like most power possible from head unit. But . .. are the ratings across manufacturers comparable (i.e., is it possible the Alpine is actually more powerful than the kenwood?)

johnson49 03-11-2013 10:06 PM

The Kenwoods and Alpines are all good units. I'm running the DB Polks in my YJ off of a JVC KDR-820 headunit with the dual USB.

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