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my_yj 10-21-2008 08:22 AM

I'm pulling my hair out
I started getting an irratic idle a few weeks ago so I replaced the fuel pump but nothing changed then the idle wouldn't even hold so I replaced all the vaccuums and still nothing (but keep in mind i can get it to hold an idle at start up it's kinda rough starting up but it'll hold yet the second I shift to 3rd and press the clutch it'll drop out it would back fire a lil ) then I did a thourough cleaning on the carb. it felt better after that yet still no idle after 3rd then I replaced the plugs and wires and ajusted the timing by ear it sounds better but still will drop out I can't figure this one out any help would be apreciated.

jpdocdave 10-21-2008 08:33 AM

man, those carbs are nothin but trouble. i will say you can't adjust timing by ear though, you need to get out the timing light.

fuel injection was the best thing to ever happen to wranglers.

my_yj 10-22-2008 11:17 AM

I've read that it could be the floats in the carb sticking if any one has any advice I would really apreciate it before I just rebuild the carb all the way.

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