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kennisondan 03-05-2013 01:01 AM

how do I crash course on what to look for; I have a friend with a 47 willys jeep..
I need to know how to pick a year or model, and what to look for in a vintage cj... different engines, best years, available parts, simple repairs, etc. where can I find that information? I can likely convince my friend to sell it to me instead of putting it for sale; it has been in a shed dusty, and dirty for many years, but did run and pulled like an atv.. lol
I would like to get a cj and do some clean up and restoration to used military condition; but need a way to judge what I will see, and how much to pay for it. I will likely have to tell him a price. I doubt it will start since it has sat for so long, but I think it was a great little jeep until it was replaced by a really early bronco 4wd. It was used on a rice farm.

I love my TJ and was intent on a one jeep does it all compromise, but now and thinking differently..

But though I have life long, always loved all jeeps I secretly crave one of the original looking military jeeps: short, light, tough, (not fast, not air conditioned, no center console, narrow tires) .. I want to fix one up to tool around in, and may split duties with my TJ as DDriver, and the 47 willys as my hunting/casual/bopping around jeep, a more rugged and less luxurious ride.
thank you..
dan kennison in La.

Mike Gardner 03-15-2013 04:14 AM

I can help. Crash course doesn't really exist. It's more like find one show it off and we can help you tell you what you have or have not found. I know way to much about Willys flat fenders. I've owned to many of them and currently have a 45 in my collection. So get me pics of what you found ill break it down by good and bad and what mess you'll be getting into.

NHflannelman12JK76CJ5 03-15-2013 08:47 AM

Jp, in their latest issue, had a 'crash course' so to speak about early CJs and what to look for.

duffer 03-18-2013 11:29 AM


Originally Posted by NHflannelman12JK76CJ5 (Post 3506519)
Jp, in their latest issue, had a 'crash course' so to speak about early CJs and what to look for.

Vern did a reasonably good job on that. Title is "Instant Old Jeep Guru" in the May 2013 issue of JP. It will probably be on JP's web site sometime next month.

If you are looking at any CJ 2A, the stock engine will be the 134 L head with no exceptions. They all also have T90 transmissions (early were side shift versions) and Dana 18 1.125" intermediate shaft transfer cases, D25/D41 front/rear axles. The 3A's are nearly the same with the D41 axle replaced by the D44 during the first year (1949) production. IMO, the 3A windshield frame is a desirable improvement over the 2A which is pretty much the military MB/GPW frame.

All old CJ's/MB/GPW's rust out in the same places-sills, tool box, floors, rear body mounts. Rear frame member is sandwiched and also rusts out.

Look for frame cracks, typically on the front of the frame at the cross member under the radiator but also above the spring hangers. These can be properly repaired but usually you will find a bubba job that requires 5 times the work to make a decent fix.

And whether 2A, 3A, 3B, CJ 5, or CJ 6, all will usually be leaking from someplace, typically diff yokes and transfercase, but wheel seals are common also. Speedie sleeves or new yokes are not very expensive and usually fix the problem if the bearings are still good.

In my experience either version of the 134 (L or F head) don't get a lot of miles out of a ring job. A 100k would be exceptional, with 60 k more the norm. I attribute that to the long stroke with a lot of piston velocity and the fact that most get the snot run out of them. And that the design is basically the latest technology-1925/1926 technology.

The good side is that most parts are available-just stay away from Omix-Ada most of which is the Harbor Freight quality of the Jeep replacement parts.

Ok, enough rambling from an old fart.

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