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zidodcigalah 03-07-2013 01:49 PM

Flywheel/flexplate question/loss of power
Diagnosing some problems...

Jeep makes ticking noise when it's warm on idle, there is a rattling sound when accelerating that begins on 1500rpm. It seems it has no high speed power, it accelerates fine but after some 35-40 mph pretty slow . It's an automatic, 3 speed and on uphills i have to downshift it manually to get decent speed. Fuel consumption is some 10 mpg in town which seems a bit high for 4.0. I went to mechanic and they told me i have piston slap or bad rod bearings, but i should hear that when the engine is cold also, not only when warm?? Oil pressure is always above 20psi when warm, which should be ok for 4.0.

On flat surface i can hit some 70-75mph but it's slow after 40 mph. There is no slipping, revs go up slowly like the engine don't have any more power. There is also slight vibration.
When parked , i can hear knocking coming from the bellhousing.

I've heard about bad flexplate symptoms, and would like to know could this be flexplate related? Would cracked or broken flexplate cause loss of high speed power, bad fuel consumption?

Recently replaced 02 sensor, spark plugs, cables, rotor, distributor cap, engine oil, diff oils, transmision oils, Map sensor,trans oil engine oil and air filter.. And no improvements.

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