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snowbrd84 03-08-2013 11:47 AM

Howell TBI Kit for CJ or YJ 258 4.2L V6 + Cold Air Intake + HEI Distributor
I am pulling my engine tomorrow and will be removing the Howell TBI Kit that I installed on the 4.2L 258 about 6 months ago. I bought it brand new and it works absolutely perfectly. I have bought a diesel engine and am installing it this weekend, so the 4.2 and everything is being sold. The TBI kit is obviously worth a lot more than the engine, so it is being sold separately.

I will also be including the HEI distributor I installed at the same time, tach output works perfectly with stock tach.

The Howell kit comes with everything you need. The original installation manual and troubleshooting guide, throttle body with adapter plate to fit the 258 intake, computer, inline fuel pump, and wiring harness. I also have a cold air intake that I bought for it as well. Everything works perfect.

I am going to take a video of it tomorrow before I dismantle so you can see it run if you like.

I paid $1,200 for the TBI kit, $90 for the Cold Air Intake, and $125 for the HEI. I am selling it all for $1,000. I am located in Bethesda MD for local pickup and I drive to Tysons every day for work. I am also willing to ship it for an extra $30.

If you want the intake manifold as well, I will include that for an extra $50, and I will just unbolt the manifold from the head and not remove the throttle body. That was you can just bolt it on and not have to go through the process of installing the adapter plate and TB.

PM me on here or text me at 307-752-0084

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