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scarsofvisions 03-09-2013 02:17 PM

Weber vacuum lines help keeps stalling
I have a 1990 Wrangler and i need some help.
i hope most of this is right.
the charcoal canister the carb bowl line going to the Carb.
The tank line to the tank.
the PCV valve line to the carb then the canister
the distributor going the the carb then 2 prots on the 5 port cto
the dist vac going straight to the cto
the egr hooked up the the cto.
I have the Brake booster line that hooks up to the carb but there is a T on that metal hose and i do no know were to run a hose to off of that.
Can any one help?

The jeep runs great for a few minutes at idle then starts to sputter then stalls out.

Ive looked at all the diagrams i could find and tried all i could and cant figure it out.

Maybe its something else im not sure

anyone else has had this problem i hope i can get some help

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