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Kevbz 03-09-2013 09:48 PM

Need help cross referencing a MOPAR part number
I've searched the web and can't find a clear cut cross reference chart for a MOPAR part number

I have a 99 TJ and need the a/c controls harness. It is the three plugs that attach to the back of your controls and then terminates into the dash harness.

the Part number is 5013744AA.

My question is did MOPAR use this harness on any other model car or truck? New its close to 80 bucks, and TJ's in the junk yard are no where to be found. But I have had luck in the past finding connectors and such on Dakotas and Durangos and Neons. I actually only need the connector on the vacuum connection side, but finding the name of that 3 wire connector is impossible so i am just searching for a like model year to check out at the junk yard, if the harnesses match, but I would be happy with just the plug.

And of course off to search the interwebnet for TJ partouts...

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