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my_yj 10-29-2008 07:14 AM

Attention Carb rebuilders
So I rebuilt me carb the other day cause I lost my idle and mind you I'm a very thorough person so I had it all shined up and set to spec and went to fire it up set the idle and then I decided to drive about a block to test it and the damn thing stalled out again.

Well I decided to talk to this oldtimer jeep mechanic and he taught me about the throttle shaft bushing according to him thats about 75% of the time the thing that goes wrong with the carb and he was right so for all of you out their with these ongoing carb issues check your throttle shaft for any play apereantly it wears out and starts leaking air into the intake.

Just figured I'd share my learnings with the rest of you seems how I've seen alot of posts about the carb issues on here yet nobody seems to be able to fix em thanks for readin

Jeep On:wavey:

reddyswrangler 11-04-2008 10:30 AM

hey thanks for the carb info!

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