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jsbkoh 03-11-2013 12:57 PM

Instead of getting a 2 dr sahara with the 430n and upgraded speakers, I was thinking of getting a 2dr Sport S with an aftermarket set. I'm a DJ and music producer in my spare time so I am very particular about sound quality. I'm changing the wheels and fenders on my wrangler and getting katzkin leather installed on the front 2 seats (taking out the back seats) when i do get it. so i dont think a Sahara would be worth it.What speakers and was unit (w/ nav) would you guys recommend? Also how much would installation cost? Would I be better off just buying a sahara with factory options?Thanks guys!

smolder 03-11-2013 08:38 PM

Since your in the music biz, your ears will quickly inform you that a jeep wrangler is possibly the worst platform for a sound system made. Between driving a box through the wind, and the cavernous body with no great place for speakers... it's always a compromise. That said, the best way to get a band to sound good in a metal barn is with decent components and a lot of volume. Rock on.

An alpine head unit with an alpine 4x55 amp (under the passenger seat) is a great place to start. I just ordered Polk Audio speakers for dash and sound bar. A powered 8" sub under the driver's seat rounds it out quite well.

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