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MSCHULTHEIS 03-12-2013 04:53 PM

LED headlights switching between high/low on their own??
Hey all, thanks for any input you may have. A little backstory, I have a 2011 Wrangler, installed the TruckLights series 7 LEDs with the pigtail adapters about 6 months ago. A few weeks ago I thought that my high beams were flickering on while driving during daylight. I wasn't sure though. Well today on the was to work at 4am I confirmed that I wasn't crazy. The lights switched between high and low beams on their own. Here's what I know for sure -The dash light for high beams never came on -Both instances there was rain/light mist(wipers running and off) -After work I pulled both headlights to check for moisture/corrosion on plugs. There was none of either. -The issue is completely random as I drive in the dark 5 days a week -I'm not sure if it was one headlight or both -When it happened today, one time was less than 2-3 seconds after I switched from high beams to low. -I'm pretty sure warranty from Chrysler is no go since I changed an electrical component. -It's really annoying for me so I'd imagine it would really annoy other people on the road. Any suggestions or if anyone else has noticed this would be greatly appreciated. I love the light output of these lights and don't want to switch back to stock.(lots of country roads=lots of critters). Thanks in advance, Mike -

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