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Kpglandry 03-12-2013 05:56 PM

Cross canada road trip
I am planning a nice cross country road trip from Ontario to bc and back has anybody gone this distance in their jeep I would like to here your story what should I bring

ftsioh 03-18-2013 11:21 PM

Cross Canada Road Trip
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Langley B.C. to Grimsby, ON and return the past 6 summers, with the last two in my 2011 JK Sport 2door. I drive via the USA though, as it saves time/money with many more places to eat and shower. I have done the CDN trip twice before, but living in a border town, I usually save ~ $19 per tank with every fill-up (Hate to say it, but I have never filled-up my JK in Canada).

In 2011 I spent $887.50 USD in fuel for the return trip, and $936.71 USD in 2012 (The Jeep was loaded with 4 of us and ~ 150-200/lbs of gear).
One way is ~ 4402, with last summerís trip 10,379km total for the JK.

Coming home I cross over the Peace Bridge. Then thru NY/PA/OH/IN and into Illinois. Chicago traffic is 90% just plain crazy and I go south of the city and head over to Iowa. Just before Omaha NB, I start heading north into South Dakota. West bound thru SD/WY/MO and the tip of Idaho. Then just 8 hours left over to Seattle and North to home. I have made some alterations in the past, and have driven thru Wisconsin and Minnesota before, with this last summer straight thru westbound into Nebraska/bottom end of Wyoming/ Utah and Oregon.

Summer 2012 we took two vehicles and left Buffalo ~ Noon on Thursday and was back in Langley on Sunday ~ 2:30pm (3 adults and 6 kids). The year before though, I left on a Wednesday ~ Noon in Buffalo and was back at home in Langley ~ 2:00am Friday night/Sat morning. Usually just drive ~ 60-65 miles per hour, and just sleep in the JK and shower at truck stops.

Hopefully this helps, and if you have any other questions - go ahead and ask away. I have tried to add both Eastbound and Westbound driving logs with the post.

Kpglandry 03-20-2013 11:26 AM

Sounds like a nice trip is there any good spots to stop along the way


Doutchie 04-03-2013 04:35 PM

Hi Kpglandry.

I made the exact same trip last summer.

I left Timmins Ontario and went to the Yukon (Dawson City) then South to Victoria Island than through the rockies to end up back in Ontario. My trip took me 4 weeks (not long enough to see everything!).

I actually have a writeup on my blog Road Trip 2012 | photographie joŽl ducharme (Not sure if the english translation is very good since it's an automatic translation).

I travelled alone and did "walmart camping" pretty much the whole trip.

I was sleeping in my jeep. I had a plug-in cooler and camping gear.

It was an awesome trip.

About 14000 kms in 4 weeks (with my month-old JKU) :)

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