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JeepJoe22 03-13-2013 12:55 AM

New Jeep Owner...please help!!
Thanks for looking! Heres some background...
I got an 89 wrangler a few weeks ago, in order to get it smogged I had to replace the catalytic converter, when taking off the skid plate I was un aware that, that was what was holding up the tranny. I switched the cat, and was able to put everything back how it should be, except for a small inch high rubber pad that i had no idea where it went. after getting it all back on everything seemed fine. I took it off road a few times and decided disconnecting the stab. bar was worth it.
Now heres the issue, my steering is beyond loose and getting looser. When I got the jeep it was tight. Im also hearing.. clunking like sounds when im in first from a stand still or hit bumps at a decent speed. sounding like my trannys loose. I can feel it in my feet, like its slamming. I was told it could be my steering column and not my tranny at all? It has a lift, not sure how high or what kind, it was there when i got it.
Anything helps! Im gonna try to tackle it tomorrow morning

JeepJoe22 03-13-2013 12:56 AM

On a side note, Ive been looking at this forum for a while now with other questions ive had but i finally made a profile for this question. I think Im gonna like it here. everyone seems so nice and helpful. Thanks in advance!!

00tj2 03-13-2013 05:41 AM

Welcome. As to your question about the rubber piece, posting a pic is the best route for that. As for the clunking at your feet. It could. E a number of things but since I have a similar issue on my 2000tj I've been reading and it seems that when a body lift is done it causes tension on the 4 wheel drive mechanism where it attaches between the body and transfer case so that could be your issue there. As for the loose steering the best way to find out what is loose is to get a second person, jeep off but key on, in gear with parking brake on, have them move the steering wheel back and forth a few inches each way. While they are doing this you can look at all of the steering joints and see if there is excess movement in them. While doing that you will also be able to see if the clunking noise is in fact from your steering or not. Sorry for the ramble and long winded explanation, hope it helps.

JeepJoe22 03-13-2013 11:31 AM

@00tj2, thanks so much! i'll go check all that now. Come to think of it, my 4 whheel drive has been making some less then nice sounds...grinding etc. at first I had thought it was my front drive shaft because it seems to be rubbing the exhaust.
The rubber thing I was talking about I misplaced.. I think it goes under the tranny on the thing that screws in to the skid plate. Horrrrible explination I know. give me time, Im still a newb haha.

jokerchief462 03-13-2013 01:59 PM

The clunking is the torque arm bushing you did not reinstall.

Steering take it to a front end shop and get a written estimate for what they think should be replaced. Then get the parts and do it yourself. At the age of the YJs most need new everything for steering. I just did Ball joints tie rod ends, unit bearings, u-joints in the fornt and shafts, along with a new steering stabilized, lower steering cloumn bearing and a lot of beer and black spray paint. Works great aligned it and all my steering woes were gone.

I don't have a picture of the torque arm busshings here at work but will try to post tonight.

JeepJoe22 03-20-2013 10:31 PM

Fixed it today!
I need new motor mounts, so im guessing the clunking is cause by that. Its actully causing the motor to shift enough while driving that, while in 4x4 the exhaust hits the front drove shaft.
Steering was fixed with some tightening under the plastic on the front bumper. The pump needs to be rebuilt, but who needs power steering anyway =p
As long as its tight im happy!
Thanks again for the suggestions!

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