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caprob 03-13-2013 05:15 PM

Virgin JKUS in Natchez/Homoshitto Nat Forest
Well it was a great trip! My girlfriend & I droveup to Natchez for a Valentines celebration in the brand new Jeep. Had to hit a couple of deep mud construction site to test the new KM2s. (It's been raining in southern Louisiana all winter) and had a ball getting her dirty. We headed home via the Homochitto National Forest looking at places to campwith the horses when I saw this creek. I couldn't pass it up! So Rebecca guidedme down the 8-10' drop to the bank of sand and she jumped in. I pointed my new black stalion down stream and sunk it at waters edge. Great! No people, no cell phone service, no CB! I'm sure glad I installed my new Warn Zeon w/synth I had installed two days before but was skeptical. I was deep! I pulled out 85-90' and wrapped it at the base of the biggest tree which she thought I'd pull over. Rebecca stood on harder sand with the remote and we prayed. I'm a HUGE believer now and learned a few lessons. 1) don't go alone. 2) test the support out in front 3) Have the right equipment!

chucky cheese 03-13-2013 09:02 PM


Casotakar1229 03-14-2013 08:33 PM

this is called "trail pics." where the pics at?!

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