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Lynskey 03-13-2013 05:43 PM

Tuffy Tailgate Security - with a twist...
Purchased the Tuffy Tailgate Security for the JK. I wanted something to deter the walk by thief from grabbing my amp and sub. I specifically have the sub where it is easy to remove by unplugging the speaker banana plugs, removing 2 simple hooks and making needed room for supplies when I need it. The amp is bolted to the other side.

Both items could be seen when the soft top is down as I have no rear seat. So anyone walking by could see it easily and very easily walk off with both items in less than a minute. Almost can't see in with the hard top on due to the tinted windows.

I got this item to really hide everything inside and just prevent from someone grabbing them. No with the top down or off and parked I have a little bit more secure feeling. Will it stop good thieves? No. But again just for the punks or passersby that like to self-entitle themselves.

When I got the pieces in I knew I would have to cut a notch for the amp as I really like it in that spot and this is only for the soft top. So I decided to notch around it.

Best part is the sub fits like a glove. I have 2 bendable hooks (from EMS designed to wrap up rope) that hook right onto the 2 rear loops on the passenger side. With the notch cut out of the vertical piece, it covers almost the entire amp minus one corner and the wiring.

As expected once it was all in and I fired up the tunes I got a good rattle. Slipped a little bit of Closed Cellular Foam (CCF) between the 2 pieces where they overlap and the rattle was gone like clockwork.

The cut-out plan. Used my handy grinder wheel with cutter blade:

The finished cut:

The fit:

Other side:

The sub:

kbwwolf 03-13-2013 05:56 PM

Cool. Nobody's getting that bad boy now. :thumb:

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