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lexluthier72 03-17-2013 09:48 PM

2000 TJ/Carr light bar/removing junk from inside windshield frame?
Hey all,
My recently purchased 2000 TJ had a Carr light bar attached to the windshield frame. In removing the light bar, a few of the mounting nuts dropped inside the windshield frame. From what I am able to see via the internet, there are access holes in the bottom of the windshield frame, that are accessible IF I lower the windshield. Anybody had this happen? I have heard that the seal under the windshield frame may not seal when put back together? Also heard its a good idea to clean that seal, but no mention of what to clean it with. Have also heard its possible the hinge bolts will break if you try to remove them. It's still snowing here, so It won't be till spring when I'll get a chance to drop the windshield frame to get to the stuff in there. Is this all worth the risk, or should I leave the crap stuck in there? Thoughts?

Wesboy 03-18-2013 07:59 AM

I've had the windshield down a long time ago - and none of the horror stories you mentioned happened :)
There is only 1 bolt on each side that needs to be removed to lower the windshield and from memory they were a LOT easier to take off than the other (painted) bolts that hold the actual hinge on.
It is probably the other bolts you heard about breaking.

The windshield wipers also need to be removed and the 'sport bars' that go from the windshield to the rest of the barwork.

But cant remember anything about access holes in the bottom of the windshield frame while it was down (but wasn't looking for them either).

But I too would like to know if these access holes exist - there are a couple of rivnuts recently taken up residence rattling around in the bottom of my windshield frame.

With all the aftermarket gear now fitted on and around the windshield frame, it would be a major job to lower it again.
I'd hate to go to all the trouble and discover there are no holes and would not be comfortable cutting holes of my own.

lexluthier72 03-18-2013 11:09 PM

Thanks Wesboy! Can anyone confirm the holes in the bottom of the windshield frame?

lexluthier72 05-21-2013 07:15 PM

bump. Anyone?

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