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Dunkin_D 03-18-2013 08:21 AM

Daystar Rocker Switch
So I finally got around to installing daystar pillar pod but I was having a few issues with hooking up the lights.

A little info:
I got a set of duallys on the windshield and in the fog lights. The wires supplied by Ridged arent long enough to run from the fogs to the battery. I think I am fine with the wire length for the lights on the windshield. Anybody know what gauge wire I need to extend the wires?

Also with the wires supplied by Ridged there are little connectors that plug into the switch they also supplied. When I tried plugging those into the Daystar Rocker Switch they were to small. Does anybody know what those are called and where to get them?

As you can tell I am not an electrician so any help would be great. Thanks

GlobalResponder 05-08-2013 07:54 AM

Not sure if this reply is too late after finding when you posted this. I myself had nothing but BIG problems with my Daystar switches! I installed 3 on an overhead console I customer built and I've had ghost electrical issues ever since... :((
To answer your questions:
-Those connectors typically come in 2 sizes. Your local Auto supply store will stock those so you can get the correct size for your application
-I mounted a set of KC driving lights on my windshield and the wiring harness provided was plenty long enough for me to get them into the cab to the Daystar A Pillar Switch pod.
-I wouldn't worry too much about AWG since you're running Dually's which are LED right? You won't be pulling the amps to need more than 14 AWG wiring and even that is probably overkill

Hopefully you have it all figured out now anyways, but if you don't...send me a message!

Good Luck

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