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sandypants 03-18-2013 03:17 PM

New Water Pump? Powertrain Warranty Question too
I'm an 07 JK original owner. I have 89K miles on my Jeep..
About me- I don't fix cars, know much about them, or feel comfortable attempting any repairs myself.

I've taken my Jeep to the dealership (I've moved so different ones) at least once a year to get some type of regular maintenance. I've kept up with everything according to the manual.. except when I hit 60K miles the dealership told me I would need a water pump which would cost $580. Since that was crazy expensive, there weren't any issues and I figured they only told me that based on milage. I passed on it but kept looking out for any problems.

3 weeks ago, I took my jeep in to the dealership (I moved again- different dealership) for a recall, oil change, break pads.. they told me my water pump was now leaking.. I didn't get a quote at the time.. and didn't get any service for it then either. I have noticed some drops in the drive way though.

Sorry for the long message.. so here are my questions..

1. 89K miles, "leaking WP" and some drops means I should replace the water pump, yes?
2. Is it covered under the lifetime powertrain warranty?
3. How do I know if I still have the lifetime powertrain warranty?
4. How much should I expect to pay for a water pump at a dealership?

Please know- I've read the forums and know that it seems "relatively easy" to replace a WP yourself.. but that's not me.. so what would you do if you HAD to take it somewhere.

Thanks in advance!!!

jkjeeper06 03-18-2013 03:46 PM

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Originally Posted by sandypants (Post 3519450)
. so what would you do if you HAD to take it somewhere.

1-A few drops over a long time like a few days I probably wouldn't replace it. If you're constantly adding coolant it's time.
2-not sure. Hopefully someone can chime in. You can always call the dealer
3-if you've kept up with the regular maintenance and haven't transferred the title you still have it.
4-too much at a dealership. Like you said, the water pump is a very easy fix. It's not hard to do it right. So why not save a bunch of money as well as putting money into your local community by paying a local private garage to do it? They can use mopar parts or aftermarket if you'd like.

I generally prefer to deal with these types of shops. My town isn't huge(21,000) but its nice when the guys at the shop know your name and your family and are so nice- they try to lend me their trucks every time I come in to get work done

daggo66 03-18-2013 05:03 PM

Yes, the water pump is covered under the lifetime pjwertrain warranty. It clearly states so in your warranty booklet. Hopefully you took your 07 in for its 5 year inspection last year to maintain your coverage.

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