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steen88 03-19-2013 01:50 PM

New Wrangler Owner - Review
I've had my 2013 Sahara for almost a week now and wanted to post my opinions as a newbie - first, this vehicle EXCEEDS everything I expected :thumb:

I have a Dune Sahara 2 door, soft top, manual tranny - appearance it exactly what I was going friend says at first glance - "it looks beefy" :D

The color is awesome. I wasn't sure about ordering it, but I am now. It does look yellow at times, but not overdone.

The power really surpised me..with the manual transmission, you really have quick shifts out of first, second, and even third to get to cruising speed. It is surprisingly quick off the line.

As covered extensively on this board, the Alpine stereo (430N) is actually a bit better than I expected - it sounds much, much better with CD's, Aux. input, etc. The satellite and radio are lacking in volume and sound quality..big time :cool: I love the video display with the 430N and the 30GB hard drive...really, really cool.

Oh, and I found it hard to wave to every other Wrangler on the road while shifting and having my coffee....:rolleyes:

I'm a Wrangler onwer for life :punk:

Jeeps_and_Boats 03-19-2013 03:40 PM

Fun isn't it! I took mine out on an easy trail in 4wd this weekend and had a blast.

I kept wondering why I waited so long to get my midlife crisis engaged.

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