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dragons13 03-20-2013 04:50 PM

installing hid headlights in a 2011 jk
having issues installing hid lights into my 2011 jeep jk. they were fine but if i turn car off and start it up an hour later my left headlight goes out and i reset the system by pulling the relay out. plus it buzzes when i use the high beams any help greatly appreciated

Jkwrangler11 03-20-2013 07:01 PM

Do you have a hid relay and resistor wiring harness?

VinceCap 03-21-2013 02:21 PM

I have had a problem also. I have a relay and the work fine but the actual hids only work as my high beams not as my regular lights.

Jkwrangler11 03-22-2013 02:05 AM

Are you sure you have everything plugged in right? Make sure u do because I had a problem with only one of my lights flickering on mine and the issue was as simple as plugging in one of the wires wrong.

dragons13 03-22-2013 01:36 PM

I have a relay harness but it dosent have a resistor on it. The harness that goes to the bulb itself had a tiny resistor. I was told I need to get a capacitor to bring the voltage up. It's only cutting out my left bulb and the right side is fine. Minor buzzing noise. Thanks

audi 4A wrangler 03-22-2013 05:34 PM

What kit did u buy?

Jkwrangler11 03-26-2013 10:35 AM


Originally Posted by audi 4A wrangler (Post 3539426)
What kit did u buy?

I bought a delta fog light set up just for the jk bumper fogs. They are all metal housing heat, water , shock resistant. And they are seriously bright! The color it burns at is 6000k looks like a nice bright white with that perfect tint of blue

Jkwrangler11 03-26-2013 10:37 AM

Yo guys in another 2 or 3 weeks in going to set up another meet up in Sparta if u guys wana join just keep looking on the reed thAt says north Jersey meet Sparta trails . Lots of people come and it's a blast. If you have any questions just pm me.

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