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muddinisfun 03-20-2013 08:40 PM

02 sensor help p0158
Hello everyone

I'm looking for some help here, and I'm sure this is posted somewhere on here but having a hard time finding it.I just bought my first jeep its an 06 wrangler x.The check engine light came on and i had followed the key sequence to display the OBD code p0158. I'm sure its a common issue but not sure how i should go about fixing it. Replacing the 02 sensor or is it the fuse/wiring.Any help is appreciated


wwch99tj 03-20-2013 10:15 PM

Probably just needs replaced.

tkfx 03-21-2013 01:12 AM

P0158 02 Sensor Circuit High Voltage (Bank 2 Sensor 2)

My first two quetions would be...

Have you done any offroading in water?

How many miles do you have on the Jeep?

muddinisfun 03-21-2013 07:07 AM


Originally Posted by tkfx (Post 3532135)
P0158 02 Sensor Circuit High Voltage (Bank 2 Sensor 2)

My first two quetions would be...

Have you done any offroading in water?

How many miles do you have on the Jeep?

It has 75 k on it and has been off roading by previous owner so I would assume yes

tjmuenc 04-16-2013 08:04 PM

I've had a couple of codes on my 2002 wrangler with the most resent being p0158. This code and the last(can remember which one) I was able to fix by just looking at the hoses by the air/whatever devices and each time found one that was split. The p0158 was a L shaped hose and I taped it and the error was gone in a few runs.
So, I always would start with looking for cracked and split rubber.


bondosgto 04-16-2013 09:11 PM

Replace all O2's, use only oem/ntk/ngk, remove negative battery terminal for ten minutes. If you are having issues with one I guarantee you will have issues with more soon.

muddinisfun 04-29-2013 02:53 PM

Problem solved- The prick that sold me the the jeep cleared the codes before I bought it. Took it to the spealership and this is what was found.
1 bad 02 sensor bank 2/2, 2 bad cats-covered under the federal emissions warranty, evap line had a hole in it on top of the tank.

Blue Ridge Rubi 02-12-2016 12:17 AM

Reviving an old thread with an update:
Started getting this code a while ago and replaced both O2 sensors on bank 2. Code went away long enough to pass emissions :thumb: but returned soon after. I'd always heard a "rattle" that sounded like it was coming from the exhaust - so, pulled the OEM exhaust and found that the bank 2 pre-cat had completely disintegrated internally. The converter internals had broken up into gravel sized pieces and were blown downstream toward the "main" convertor & probably plugged it up. The bank 1 pre-cat looked perfect, so I have no idea why only the bank 2 failed.
I ordered a replacement convertor from "Eastern Catalytic" that included both "pre-cats" with O2 sensor bungs in OEM locations, main convertor and exhaust pipe slip fitting with clamp to connect to muffler. My Jeep was beyond the federal emissions warranty so dealer replacement wasn't an option. I decided to replace rather than delete the cats because I didn't want issues with getting a tag or problems with selling it down the road. Anyways, the replacement pipes & cats fit like a glove. No issues whatsoever & I replaced everything laying on my back in the garage. After clearing codes the P0158 hasn't returned.
Hope this helps someone with the same issue.
BTW, the replacement cats & exhaust were half the price of OEM & nearest competitor.

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