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tom h 03-21-2013 10:49 PM

JK 2007 rattle -- from new tires?
Just installed new 33" Goodrich KMRs on my JK, replacing factory tires.

All of a sudden I have been hearing a low-pitched rattle, usually when I am driving too fast (10 mph) on washboarded forest roads. I'm having trouble isolating the sound but it's outside and below the glass, and I'm assuming that it's related to the new spare tire and offset rim, which increased overall weight by 10 pounds. The sound also comes up on the street when I'm driving over a speed bump.

If my assumption is correct -- it's due to the greater load on the tailgate mount -- can anyone provide me some advice? Is there something I can do to strengthen things to get rid of the rattle? Is it inevitable that sometime soon I will have to replace the current spare tire mount with one of those steel gates? Is there a risk that the tire will just fall off under some increased stress while I'm wheeling next weekend?

Thanks for the help --

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