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slippy 11-07-2008 10:00 AM

aussie locker and limited slip
im going to try and get something for my jeep for xmas. right now im riding on 33's with a D30 up front and a D35 in the back. i wanted to save up for some arb selectable lockers but money is tight so ill have to deal with what i got.
with these automatic lockers, they only "turn on" on when in 4lo correct? so it wont effect how i drive the jeep in 2wd around town right?
also double checking, there is a clicking noise when you turn?

and about limited slips. id like one for a the back on my D35. sounds good? the idea behind this is i can always have 3 wheels turning with a lunchbox locker and a limited slip, and i hopefully wont break the bank(versus 2 selectable lockers). i know nothing about limited slips besides what they do. what do you guys recomend for parts? id like good parts, but i want to stay low cost if possible.

MOz 11-07-2008 10:28 AM

If this is your DD and you get snow and ice, I suggest getting a selectable locker and keep your diffs open or limited slip. Locking them up on the road in these conditions is not suggested and could be dangerous.

Jerry Bransford 11-07-2008 01:00 PM

Automatic lockers are normally locked, even in 2wd. They unlock to allow the outside tire in a turn to rotate faster through the turn, then lock back up again once you're driving straight again.

That said, in a TJ, there is no torque being passed into the front axle via the driveshaft so any front locker present is not locked up "hard" in 2wd. It is locked, to be sure, but with no torque being sent through it when you're in 2wd, it unlocks so easily for turns that you can't even tell a front locker is there when you're in 2wd.

It's when you shift into 4Hi or 4Lo that the transfer case finally sends power (torque) via the front driveshaft through a locker which then causes it to lock up hard enough that you'd notice it. On a paved road, it'd cause problems in 4Hi or 4Lo but offroad, it's fine.

So with a front locker, it only cause problems on paved roads when you're in 4x4. In 2wd, you can't even really tell it's there. I have a Powertrax automatic No-Slip locker in my front axle and honestly, I can't tell it's there in 2wd.

The same is not always true for other non-TJ 4x4 vehicles where many always send power to the front axle, 4x4 or 2wd. :)

emills 11-07-2008 01:14 PM

Just want to second what Jerry said about not knowing that is in there when you are in 2wd. I have an Aussie in the front. Aside from the clicking - which I barely notice - I can't tell that it is in there in 2wd. Once in 4wd - you notice it and it is very nice.


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