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newstatic42 03-22-2013 05:22 AM

wife want a car to try? make mistake again
10 year jeep enthusiast, totaled my 6th jeep, was near a Mini Cooper dealership.... probably 100% impulse and convenience shopping, leased 2012 Mini Cooper soft top, its Red, white racing striped, blue denim top, gets 30 to 50 MPG HWY. Leather, etc. Lease vehicle looking to transfer, have tried swap a lease, but really want to transfer for a Jeep. Car is less than 6 months also, so has 2 1/2 years on lease, lease was negotiated and pretty darn good deal, but want to get back into a jeep (If you know that feeling). BMW will handle the lease work, or if someone is interested in a traditional loan, they provide the financing terms which consider the vehicle "new". Maintenance through BMW is covered for the life of the lease or 4 years if you convert to a conventional purchase, residual purchase price is in the 13s. Liked the car but moved into a city that snows 2 times a day, the car does not handle almost verticle hills quite well...miss jeep. Have tons of photos, but throwing this out on this site without PMs to get a feel if this community doesn't mind my posting this, after many years of very good luck here. No luck after 2 months on swapalease. Need jeep after divorce, don't need the Austin powers car...though it does fly 6 speed automatic.

Looking to buy a 2003 - 2005 solid black base model wrangler with soft or hard top (Preferably with 2.4/2.5L engine but not opposed to C6.) prefer everything stock...but a few little changes or scratches is all part of Jeep character.

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