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NFRs2000NYC 03-23-2013 10:27 PM

The most SCENIC trails in Moab.
Hey guys, it's been a long dream of mine to come to Moab with a Jeep. Now that I actually own one, I can finally realize that dream, and am planning on going the first week of may. I already have the Moab trails book, but wanted to ask our seasoned Moab veterans....IF YOU WERE A PHOTOGRAPHER, what are the must hit trails in Moab....NOT the most challenging. Also, keep in mind I will be alone. I may or may not have a friend with me, and I may or may not hood up with some locals for a run somewhere, but for the purposes of my question, assume that I will be completely alone. Thanks for any advice!

kgg 03-25-2013 10:53 AM

Hard to think of any that aren't scenic. But, here are some good ones:

1. Fins 'n' things, South side of road. Great scenery - thrilling for first offroading of your new jeep. A great way to get a feel for what your jeep can do. Also pretty short, so you can do it in an hour or two, depending on how much time you spend taking pictures.

2. Long Canyon - easy and great views. (Don't do this if it's raining or has recently rained.) Start at the bottom. When you get to the top you may as well go to Dead Horse Point and Island in the Sky viewpoints.

3. Behind the Rocks road out to Pritchett Arch.

4. Hurrah Pass/Chicken Corners - another easy one.

5. Elephant Hill - takes all day to get there, do the loop, and come back, so start early. Also - fill up with gas before you go. For scenery, this is absolutely amazing. I prefer adding the extension South to hike the Joint Trail into Chesler Park, and across Chesler Park to Elephant Canyon - even up to Druid Arch if you have time. Depending on time, you may also be able to make it to the Confluence Overlook. I usually find we only have time to go to Chesler Park, or the Confluence overlook - not both. If you camped down there somewhere and got an early start you'd have more time.

I should also add - make sure you're prepared to deal with being stuck/stranded out there. If you're in good shape, you could walk out of any of these (may be a long walk though). Carry plenty of extra water, some food, maybe a sleeping bag in case you have to spend the night. Shovel, flashlight, basic tools. A small compressor so that you can deflate/re-inflate tires is also a good idea. A camelbak full of water and snacks is great for the hikes you might do, and for hiking out for help, if necessary. If you go on your own, you're taking a risk - just be aware of it and be prepared to deal with it.

In May you are likely to see several other vehicles on all these trails, although it may be several hours between them if you're out to Pritchett Arch or the Elephant Hill loop.

NFRs2000NYC 03-25-2013 11:28 AM

Thanks! I will definitely be prepared with extra gas, lots of water, food, a cooker, etc etc. I will not attempt anything questionable if I am alone. I also have onboard air so airing up should be ok.

Mike Gardner 04-12-2013 01:35 PM

its all beautiful!

NFRs2000NYC 04-12-2013 02:24 PM


Originally Posted by Mike Gardner (Post 3628128)
its all beautiful!

Oh trust me, I know, it's just that there are hundreds of trails, and I have limited time, so I just wanted to make sure I hit all the must sees. :thumb:

goonie1 04-12-2013 05:17 PM

I did white rim in just over a day and it was awesome! Not very technical at all but given its long length you are exposed to many beautiful views. I have made 3 separate trips out there for backpacking, mountain biking, Jeeping, and canyoneering and seen a bunch of utah. I bet you will love the views no matter where you go, and be back for more!

Have a great time!

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