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GEE_911 03-25-2013 05:14 AM

A few plasti dip concerns
Yo! after browsing the forums for a few weeks, I've heard a lot about this plasti dip stuff...

I'm looking to paint/spray the door handles and mirrors of my JKU white. Will plasti dip do the trick?

How do i go about doing it? And also,im questioning the strength of the coat on the door handles, as they will obviously suffer a lot of wear from opening/ closing the doors... Will the paint fade away/ peel off?

Also, how forgiving is the stuff? Lets say i spray them, and i don't like it... How easy is it to remove?

Thanks guys! My jeep arrives on thursday! Can't wait! :D

Rolly32 03-25-2013 09:51 AM

I personally don't think Plasti-dip is worth the time and effort for the quality and strength of the product. I couldn't even give my jeep a bath without the plastidip chipping off my wheels. It is very forgiving though if you apply thick coats. There were some parts on my wheels that I didn't lay a thick coat and it was a paint to remove.

For what it's worth, I say try it on the door handles, but I personally wouldn't do it on large surfaces or wheels since it peeled off real quick, it was not worth my time.

Blackjack608 03-25-2013 08:16 PM

I've used plastidip on many different items such as rims, grills, spoilers (dodge charger), etc. Its a great product, very forgiving and if applied correctly with the proper prepping (just clean surface very well) it lasts through a lot of abuse. I had it on my previous car's wheels and after it got totaled the chains that were used to pull the car onto the trailer through the rims did not rip or tear at all. I'd go for it, I plan on using it on my jeep's grill soon

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