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UNLIMITLESS 11-10-2008 06:38 PM

Compatability of YJ and TJ 2.5L
My Dad has a 94 YJ with a 2.5/5 speed. The motor was overheated before he bought it, we replaced 2 freeze-out plugs and got it running. Now it seems the head or blocked is cracked somewhere. Loses water like crazy.

Now I have found a 98 TJ 2.5/Auto, low mileage wreck. No motor damage, nice rollover.

Now here are the Questions:
Are the long blocks the same 94-98?
Are the cranks the same Auto/Stick?
Exhaust/Intake manifolds the same?

The price is right so Im hoping they are the same. I would like to use as much of the 98 motor as possible but if I can only use the head/block Ill go that way.

Thanks in advance guys!

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