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WingingIt74 03-26-2013 09:42 AM

TJ Rear Upper Shock Mount Options?
I for one can't weld and do not have a welder in my garage. What are my options?

Passenger side is drilled out and can use nuts/bolts.

The driver side has a Stud welded in on one side and the stock bolt on the other. While this works, my OCD is driving me nuts and there has to be a better and cleaner way.

I do have bar-pin eliminators, but I don't have to use them.

My TJ will have a 3" TeraFlex lift and no body lift.

My initial thought was to cut the tub and install a firewall plug above the shock on the driver's side, that way I could get to the top of the mount. If I did this, I would probably do this for the passenger side as well. However, finding a large enough firewall plug seems to be quite difficult.

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