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Getyourwings383 03-26-2013 01:07 PM

Clarion VX401 Head Unit
Just a warning for everyone else.

I had the VX401 put in my JK last week and the thing is just god awful. I had taken my Jeep to a shop to get the amp wired up simply because I didn't feel like taking the dash apart and doing it myself. They had to keep delaying my installation because of missing parts and as and apology they offered to install this head unit free of labor. So without looking up any information I said sure because it sounded like a good deal. :banghead:

There was apparently a problem with the wiring inside the radio and it caused the amp not to sense the remote start unless it was on the FM Tuner. At first me and the technician thought that it was wired to the antenna wire but after we changed it we still had the same issue. Aside from this the radio seems to only put out the highs. It sounded like someone put all my speakers into a cardboard box. I looked up that specs and reviews around the internet and apparently everyone has a problem with this thing. I took it to them and got them to put the stock one back in with a full refund.

So lesson to be learned here is always do your research and if it sounds to good to be true it usually is.

As a warning to anyone else thinking about buying this unit IMHO it isn't worth it.

Tiburon 03-26-2013 02:15 PM

Sounds like the speakers were wired out of phase. Also if your radio wouldn't turn on with the remote start it isn't the radio's fault. Most vehicles have multiple ignition and accessory wires that don't all need to be hooked up in order to make it run. The remote starter has secondary wires that can be used to power the other lines (which are sometimes needed to have the heater turn on). Don't mistake a bad install for a bad product. Also Chrysler products are notorious for having factory amps and a powered head unit that only controls certain speakers. A good tech would know that and how to make it all work.

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