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kylebgt 11-12-2008 12:43 AM

Questions about tire size/fitment??
So I purchased my first Wrangler 2 months ago. When I bought it the Jeep had 35 x 12.50 15 tires and a 4'' lift. With it only being a I4 I decided to drop the tire size. I just installed a new set of 31 x10.50 15 tires on some stock Jeep rims I bought. I believe that they are 15x7. I never had a problem with the bigger tires but now when I turn sharp in the parking lot they rub really bad. They do not rub anywhere on the fender/body but rather on the frame or suspension. Anyone know why this is? Also when I first get the Jeep up to 50-55mph is starts shaking like crazy. I mean very violently:eek:. Usually this goes away after a few miles. It cannot be the tires because I had those balanced. Please help me!!!

AzTJ 11-12-2008 12:59 AM

The stock wheels have way more back spacing than the wheels that were on it. I believe that the stock wheels have something like 5.5" of backspacing bringing them in towards the frame. The other issue is the width of the tires. I think 9.5" wide tires on stock rims is the max.

There are a couple of things you can do to solve this. You can adjust the steering stops to limit your turning radius, or you can new wheels, unless you still have the old ones? I'd swap the new tires to them if you still have them... OR -not really recommended, but you can buy some wheels spacers to push the stock wheels out some more to gain the needed room.

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