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MikeinMarin 03-27-2013 07:10 PM

1999 Wrangler 4.0 L Manual Tranny Issues (AX15)
Hi - I am a new member and I have already found a huge amount of helpful information on here. Thanks all. I have a 1999 Wrangler TJ soft top, 5-speed manual.

I was hoping someone could help with the following issue. For about a year (I don't drive my jeep far or that often), I have had a problem with 1st gear slipping, as well as the transmission getting stuck in 3rd gear. The gears also grind quite a bit. I had a friend who is a mechanic (but not transmission expert) look at it a while back and he told me my clutch is fine, and that there is some type of transmission issue (obviously !). I got the jeep used 5-6 years ago so I do not know the history of the clutch being replaced, by the way.

I have it at a mechanic now and I am expecting some really bad news in the next day or so. However, after reading a lot of topics here, it appears that it is not that common for a manual transmission to completely fail on a jeep (I only have 120k miles or so). It seems there could be a number of other explanations from what you guys have posted on here. I am not talented enough to do any transmission repairs myself, but I would like to know that whatever I choose, I don't overpay too badly. I may try and buy my own re-built one if that makes sense and have it installed.

Anyone care to weigh in and help a dude out ? Thanks !

juan_p__m 03-27-2013 09:29 PM

To rebuild an AX15 you need a hydraulic press, some special tools, $250-$300 rebuilt kit and lots of time, get a rebuilt trans if you have the cash, or search craigslist and roll the dice...

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