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bk06 03-28-2013 06:57 PM

best tire for snow
Whats best tire for snow l
I have a super steep driveway currently running bfg mt 3310.5 with 2 inch lift on 06 tj

JKralph 03-28-2013 07:02 PM

I have 33x12.5x15 goodyear duratracs and had a chance this year to test them out in several 6+ in snowfalls this year and they were great, I recommend them.

I've also heard (though have never run) Cooper tires, but I'm not sure which type people recommend for snow. I'll do some searching and get back to you. Hopefully someone will chime in about them :thumb:

TJGARMA03 03-28-2013 07:19 PM

I can't say enough about my General AT2s. They are awesome in the snow. I have 31s on a 03 w/front Aussie locker so in the snow I really don't use the 4wd unless it gets deep. The Generals handle the snow great.

lemitone 03-29-2013 06:21 PM

I had Cooper STT, BFG MT and General AT2 but they are rubbish compared to a real specialized winter tire like the Cooper Discoverer M+S
I had this tires on my LR Defender in german winter conditions
CooperTiresConsumer - Discoverer M+S
THAT is a real winter tire :-)

ILRAXX 23 04-26-2013 10:36 AM

mickey thompson atz

HK_Runner 04-26-2013 03:48 PM

The KMs are crap mainly due to inferior braking, but not sure about KM2s. The MTRs are much better in 2WD and 4WD. However, a DuraTrac (or Hankook RF10 or that newish Toyo AT) will be a great option unless you can use a true winter tire which will do far better in the city/highways. Offroad on fresh snow, I would prefer something like the MTR or DuraTrac. I have 35" MTRs now, and just used those in some majorsnow. They do pretty well for a MT, though my Hankook Dynapro RF10s on the 4Runner do even better in the city. Basically, a softer rubber compound and more sipes will do better when cold/snowy.

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