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tanbuffsidriva 07-18-2006 01:32 AM

HELP!! radiator PROB. with TJ.
yo hows it goin. so ive got a 00 2.5l TJ and its leaking coolant out of the driver side it looks like it could be coming from one of the hoses. if i drive it as soon as i turn it off i can hear the coolant bubbling in the overflow tank and then it just starts pouring out. it is also leaking water from a couple spots . from the muffler and a few hoses on the passenger side of the bay. NEED HELP does anybody know what this could be. its running at about 210-220 driving.

amerijeep 07-18-2006 09:15 AM

Pull your radiator out and take it to a shop where they can clean it up and and do a pressure test on it. Replace all your hoses. One is probably collapsing on the inside. They do that. Put in a new thermostat while your at it.

That's all.

MR.CLIFFORD 07-18-2006 09:34 AM

for the cost of a pressure test just buy a new 3 row CSF radiator. I had one in my jeep with the 2.5. Always stayed below 200 degrees even when wheelin in this type of KS heat. You can get the CSF radiator from Dirk at Replace all your hoses and get the new thermostat like was suggested and use distilled water in your antifreeze mix. You will be good to go :)

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