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tootiefruity112 03-29-2013 03:01 PM

Florida Trails/Camping
Hey guys!

I'm new to the Daytona Beach area and we are looking for somewhere to go trail riding and camping within a few hours drive.

Does anyone know of a good place?

joe buell 03-30-2013 07:36 AM

tootiefruity112 check out silverlake Camp grd its off 98 east of I75 and Brooksville .
withlacoochee national forest and the richloum area are over 40k acres of nice trails or you can look up Citrus 4wheeelin any of them are on youtube or the web if you check tampa area thread in this forum you will see some great shots and some video of a group of us out in the national forest last weekend have fun and welcome to the FWF Joe.

Womjello 03-31-2013 08:35 AM


Originally Posted by Womjello (Post 3375973)
This is from the Ocala Nat Forest website.

Ocala National Forest - OHV Riding & Camping

Ocala even has a Jeep club. Can you guess what their name is?:rolleyes:

Ocala has camping and Jeep trails but it aint no Moab or Ouray! Also be "Bear Aware" if you have an open Jeep with food in it. You know the drill. The Rainbow People are still infesting forest. They're like something from "The Hills Have Eyes".:eek:

tootiefruity112 03-31-2013 09:33 PM

Thanks guys! We're looking forward to a good weekend, wherever we end up going!

JakePurvis 04-07-2013 10:47 PM

Who are the "Rainbow People"?

CrispyB 04-07-2013 11:13 PM


Originally Posted by JakePurvis (Post 3607554)
Who are the "Rainbow People"?


JakePurvis 04-08-2013 03:37 AM


Originally Posted by CrispyB (Post 3607674)


I looked them up, minutes after asking haha. That's so annoying. Lets get them out of there!

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