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kawa001 03-29-2013 05:46 PM

400 mile, 18 hour WV & GWNF Trip Report
On Wednesday, my wife and I put in an 18 hour, 400 mile day of touring WV country roads and wheeling in the remaining snow in the GWNF. Our jumping off point was Wardensville, WV on Hwy 55. We ran south down WV259 and explored as many side roads, hill tops and hollows along the way as we could find.
As much as I like the Flapgpole run, I find the GWNF Long Run road complex (mountains north of Hwy 33) more interesting. We ticked off the Peru Hollow and German River approaches to the high ground. We laid tracks on fresh snow which is always cool and checked out some side forest roads that don't see a lot of traffic. We had to bust out the chains just around dark when the snow got frame-deep towards the top of mountain. Eventually, we decided discretion was the better part of valor and decided to call it quits about 10 p.m. and head back to Sterling. Before heading down we stopped for a soup break on a snow swept ridge and enjoyed the full moon and the glimmer of Harrisonburg lights many miles distant. There's something very rewarding about knowing you have a whole mountain to yourselves and that you are completely on your own. Navigation down the mountain was interesting. There were 6 forest road intersections close by so even with two Garmin GPS' running and preprogrammed waypoints I still had to plot UTM grid coordinates on the fly to find Dry Run road for our descent.

Heading back on I-81 north I saw the Edinburgh exit sign so I jokingly asked my copilot wife if she was up for a midnight run of Peter's Mill. She said, "Sure!", so off we headed. Turns out the FS had closed Peter's Mill due to the recent snow so down the hill we headed. We ended up home after 1 a.m. Awesome day. Here are some misc. pics.
130327_wheeling Photo Gallery by Vance Middleton at

Kudos to my bride of 28 years for her high spirits and willingness to get out of a warm Jeep 11 o'clock at night to help me air up.

Bertman 03-31-2013 07:56 PM

Awesome. Sounds like a great loop.

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