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98TJ Wrangler- 03-31-2013 03:32 PM

Tailgate hinge
It takes an enormous amount of effort to open my tailgate when I see others just swing it right out! What could I do? Soak it in wd-40? Or am I going to need new ones? The paint is flaking but that's no problem I will sand and paint them but I don't want to if I can't get it to losen up. Any ideas?

kcchiefs00 03-31-2013 04:18 PM

I have the same issue. I have sprayed half a can of PB blaster in the hinge and it didn't make any difference. For me it's the top hinge, bottom one is good.

freeskier 03-31-2013 04:26 PM

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There is a trick that might work, basically you open the tailgate all the way and drill a hole through the hinge and I to the hinge pin. Then use wd40 or something to try an loosen it up. Also pack some grease into the hole. If that doesn't work replace the hinges.

CountryBoyJeep 03-31-2013 04:35 PM

While I'm on this thread... I recommend all of you actually take off you tailgate hinges. Why do I say this? I have a 98' that is in pristine condition; never seen rust on it at all. Behind the hinges was a ton of rust. I sanded it down and painted where the hinges go with generic automobile paint and some clear-coat. While You're at it I recommend you replace all those bolts with grade 8.. Only cost me $1.90 at the local hardware store, its also always a good precautionary measure to put anti-seize or never-seize on the bolt before you put them back it. It's a cheap project but it could save your Jeeps body. :thumb:

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