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Rooster454 03-31-2013 07:43 PM

EJS 2013 Video
This is our group from Moab last week. Justin (JKBandit55) put this together for us and it turned out awesome! Enjoy.

MOAB EJS 2013 - YouTube

offroad cowboy 04-01-2013 10:50 AM

Great vid, We just got back from EJS, remember seeing some of those rigs.:thumb:

Rooster454 04-01-2013 07:03 PM

I'm pretty sure we were right behind your group on Hells Revenge on Saturday the 23rd. Are you part of the, I apologize I forgot the whole name, The red deer something group? I remember seeing the shirts and all the Canadian flags on the rigs

offroad cowboy 04-03-2013 10:13 PM

Yup that was us. lmao! Are jeep club, Red Deer Packrats.

Area BFE and Behind the rocks

El Gecko 04-03-2013 10:25 PM

Way to do us proud !

jdc1790 04-04-2013 05:13 PM

Kick ass video!

offroad cowboy 04-05-2013 09:28 PM


Originally Posted by El Gecko (Post 3591601)
Way to do us proud !

You can tell we are from Alberta, 3 outa 5 of us are running boggers!:rofl::rofl:

Rooster454 04-06-2013 08:49 PM


Originally Posted by offroad cowboy (Post 3591536)
Yup that was us. lmao! Are jeep club, Red Deer Packrats.

Yep I remember the name now and that stretched silver JK. That thing is gnarly

offroad cowboy 04-06-2013 09:27 PM

Ya he sold the small block and is putting a big block in it now. lol. Had such a great time! People were great, the country was so nice! Cant wait for next year!:)

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