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tbaker 03-31-2013 09:03 PM

overdrive off
i just got my 2011 jeep wrangler unlimited 4 door with a 3.8 engine and 3.73 gears lifted with a 3.25 lift and i am running BFG KM2 35 12.50 17 tires. i have not regeared yet but does anyone drive there jeep around with the overdrive off and will it hurt and can you tell a difference. going to regear later on. i have the fuel ECO button off and i can tell a difference in how the engine runs seems to pull better.

JeeperJake 03-31-2013 10:05 PM

Switching the OD 'off' means you do not shift up into that last notch in the tranny. In my 3.73/auto dropping into/out of OD yields about 650-850 rpm difference at a given mph.

I'm cruising the highway at "65" at "1800 rpm in overdrive at a certain indicated eco/mpg. When I come to a grade that tends to lug the engine below a certain rpm, it shifts down.....after perhaps lugging down a bit, slowing down, loosing headway and dropping eco/mpg. If I'm towing it for sure happens sooner. If I push the o/d off button, I get a burst of increased rpm/hp/road speed doesn't decrease as it was.

All you're doing is running in a different rpm range. One squeezes out a little better mpg at a cost of shifting/wandering auto shifting.

On trips with lots of up/down grades, I find it useful to switch o/d off.

My 08JK doesn't have a separate eco button.

By dropping down into a more productive portion of the power band, you will sense a stronger pull.

I use mine as a sort of auxillary gear, sometimes for better pull, sometimes for better eco. They are designed to run in either mode.

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