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The Silver Gorilla 04-01-2013 09:34 AM

Jeep sahara in the woods
Some of my pics from yesterday, hit a trail by my house. A lot of logs to run over and hills to climb, i have to go out with a better camera and get some flex pics before and after i take the track bar off

Attachment 230123

Attachment 230124

Attachment 230125

The Silver Gorilla 04-01-2013 10:33 AM

Think i should paint the rims flat black?

blueskiesbill 04-01-2013 03:18 PM

IMO I think they would look nice black. Plasti dip them to see if you like it. If you don't peel it off, if you do leave it until it starts to peel off then peel it all off and bed line them.

The Silver Gorilla 04-01-2013 03:58 PM

they are a little old and have some rust spots or discoloration, so im thinking of going the cheep way and doing rustolium, iv seen a lot done and they look good. Im pretty good with a rattle can.

1rbotma 04-26-2013 02:41 PM

I think you should paint them black!:thumb:

tsteve25 04-26-2013 09:00 PM

yes go black :) rustolium 👍

Islander10 04-26-2013 09:03 PM

You can sell those for enough to buy new black steel

Islander10 04-26-2013 09:05 PM

Some people like that look, not me but i sure see it alot

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