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4Jeepn 06-24-2005 06:35 PM

Snowshoe Mtn Jeep Jam pic's
Here are the few pic's I got to snap, as most of the weekend, was spent winching, pulling or fixing either mine or another Jeep. It was a great trip and I would recommend it to anyone.

Very muddy

Lots of short down and uphills that if you didn't get up your where winching.

I think this one is where I began the process of bending the front trac-bar.

This was after a rather steep down hill ( this hill is to the back left.. yes we came down that) into a creek bed. As you can see this CJ has leaf springs which didn't like the hill. My jeep is 30feet infront of this one, however I can't steer the trac-bar is bent so bad.

Shot from just outside our window at the resort.

khenderson 06-24-2005 07:03 PM

great pics....this is what those of us who can't get out to trails like that dream about. we must live our jeeping lives vicariously through you!!

jeeptexas 01-11-2006 11:23 AM

where is that resort or park. it looks preety nice

going big yj 01-16-2006 12:37 PM

Our jeep club has some questions about the Snow Shoe trail. Directions to trail head? Is it private,public,or National Forest?Can you wheel there any time?

jeeperman 01-16-2006 02:05 PM

That looks amazing! I am very jealous right now, even though you bent a trac bar... I would trade a bent trac bar for a wheeling weekend right now in a heartbeat!:D

4Jeepn 01-22-2006 09:25 PM

Guess I should check this more often. The trails on are private land as far as I know. The Snow Shoe MTn resort is located in WV. Link below for info.

Thus I would contact the resort and see if they allow people on the trails. The way we drove in to the resort, it was a good hr from any kind of store, shopping etc. Gas stattion was a 30 min round trip. But the trails are great.

As for my busted track bar it sucked, but we fixed it. Of course right after that that radiator started to leak. But it was a great trip and we plan to go back again soon.

jeeptales 01-24-2006 02:52 PM

Have I got the website for you!

Originally Posted by khenderson
great pics....this is what those of us who can't get out to trails like that dream about. we must live our jeeping lives vicariously through you!!

We have a few wheeling photos on my website from venues all over North America. Just over 9,000 from 2005

Last year I only covered 6 events in 2005.

In 2006, will be hosting photos from all 31 of the Jeep Jamborees around the country. Be sure to click on the Past Event Links to view even more Photos. We also have Video Clips and a few PodCast to allow you to listen in on the fun with a few participants that were there as we gather around My 2003 Rubicon over a few cold ones and a Cigar or two.

Last week I was also invited to be a Trail Guide at the YO Ranch in Mountain Home, Texas one of my favorite Off-Roading venues. This is exciting for me because, this is where I fell in live with Wheeling and hanging out with Jeepers 8 Years ago.

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