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Jer91 04-01-2013 04:53 PM

Losing power
My 1991 yj has been a good jeep for me but is starting to give me a problem. When cruising in 4th or 5th gear at about 1500-2000 rpms I can hear a whistling noise coming from the engine area. I have recently put on a cold air intake and thought maybe this whistle was from it drawing air but now I'm not so sure. The jeep will every once in a while feel like it totally loses power when cruising at 1500-2000 rpms. If I mash on the gas pedal it will regain power but then when I let off the gas again it will lose power. It doesn't always have this problem just maybe once or twice every 15 min trip. What could this be? I have never dealt with this before. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

YJ ALL DIRTY 04-01-2013 06:46 PM

Replace the fuel filter and tune it up

Jer91 04-01-2013 06:52 PM

I had a tune up about a week ago and that didn't seem to help. How much money we talkin for a new fuel filter?

bigtoysforbigboys 04-01-2013 07:11 PM

Fuel filter is like $ do a compression test on the cylinders

Jer91 04-01-2013 07:18 PM


Originally Posted by bigtoysforbigboys (Post 3581202)
Fuel filter is like $ do a compression test on the cylinders

Do you think that the whistling could be linked with some compression leaking from the cylinders?

bigtoysforbigboys 04-01-2013 07:41 PM

Not the cylinders in general but a blown head gasket ....depending on wear a head gasket blows they can have different effects such as whistling or coolant in the oil or white exhaust .....generally one the whistles will cause power loss...a compression test on each cylinder will tell you if that's the can buy a compression tester from autozone for less than $40 I believe ....then just screw it in each plug hole and run the cylinder up to top dead center compression and see what the reading is and if its in spec....

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