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ItsMeKO3 04-02-2013 11:23 AM

I Hate Wiring
First off let me apologize for the noobish questions I'm about to ask lol. But I'm getting ready to pull the trigger on an LED bar for my front bumper, and also a set of HIDs to put on the A pillar. Before I get them I'm trying to figure out how to wire them up lol. I had a set of Hella 500ff's on my last Jeep, so I'm basing these diagrams on how those were wired. I want to wire each to its own switch.

The LED bar is a 20" 120w with 42 3w LED's.
1. Will this diagram work for the bar?
2. What size fuse will I need for the inline between the relay and battery?

The HID's are 35w.
1. Will this diagram work for the HID's?
2. What size fuse will I need for the inline for these?

Thanks for any help. :thumb:

jkjeeper06 04-02-2013 12:03 PM

As long as the relays can do more than 10 amps for the bar and 5 for the pillar lights. Idk if there is a 12 amp fuse but a 10 will blow if its 120w so you might need a 15 inline fuse for the bar and a 5 for the pillar lights

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