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Jonnycougar 11-17-2008 06:48 PM

Reputable 4.0 Mechanics in Iowa?
Hi guys, I have a 1999 WJ that's bone stock with 298,000 on the engine. At 291,000 I blew the headgasket. Had it fixed by a repair shop in Oskaloosa, they pressure tested and planed the head and put a new head gasket in for $850. This week it just blew again, 4 months and 7000 miles later. The shop that fixed the head gasket in July won't stand by it saying that it may or may not be their fault. They'd have to take the head off and see. This motor has been a great engine, never burning or leaking a drop of oil. She's pulled a 4500lb boat during the summer for the past 3 summers, do I mess with giving them a chance to make it right? Do I mess with another head gasket, or should I just throw in a stroker? Do I got with a Titan or a Hesco? I can't do it myself right now being in college but could pay for it to be put in. After I get out of college I plan on upgrading the WJ, unless I turn her out to pasture...

jpdocdave 11-17-2008 06:51 PM

i wouldn't give it back to them, whether its their fault or not, they won't admit it. they'll come up with a way to say it got too hot, or the head is warped, or cracked, and so on.

i think the stroker is a good idea if you're gonna hang on to it for a while.

backforty 10-14-2009 03:42 PM

Why did they plane the head? How much?
Also, did they do a re-tork on the head bolts after warm-up and cool down?

baja 10-25-2009 12:25 AM

Sounds like they didn't check the block.Pressure testing the head is fine but what about at operating temp whats the block doing?You may have a crack between cylinders that will have to be magnafluxed to find.At that many miles a tear down may be in order.

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