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kennisondan 04-03-2013 07:18 PM

Shocks on a body lifted tj.. Longer or same as ome?
my Tj has about a three inch body lift; no suspension lift at all.. it clears the 33" tires easily..
If I want new shocks as an upgrade and maintenance do I need longer shocks, or original length shocks ?
I do not have rocks to climb here, just a bit of slush and mud and 90 % highway and in town driving.. if I go over anything it will be through a ditch, over a small log, etc. I do want it ready for what offroading I get into and will have new tires in a few months more, probably an MT radial so to not hold it back when I get a chance to use the offroading ability.
Will an adjustable shock like the 9000 be more useful than a regular non-adjustable shock?
Does the ability to adjust remain after installation or does it get to be impossible to adjust after a short while?
Seems I would not want too soft a ride to the point of sway due to the body lift.
I do not have a winch yet and am undecided on it, so the extra weight of the bumper and winch are not an issue as yet.
thanks folks.

PStov98TJ 04-03-2013 07:27 PM

Shock length is related to coil length. Not bl height. I wish I could convince you to take that 3" bl out and put a 2" coil spacer in and run 32's but that's probably not gonna happen so I'll stay away from that argument.

You need a stock length shock.

And shock length is not directly determined by weight on the front end. It is determined by spring height, which can vary with varying amounts of weight on the front end.

If you have any questions about correct shock length ask away. Its hard to just ramble on about it with no real direction.

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