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Jlocher92 04-04-2013 02:11 AM

PLEASE HELP! Cranks for 3-5 seconds, sputters, starts. After 2 weeks, does't start!
Okay. I REALLY need help. I have a 1997 Jeep Wrangler 2.5 cyl 232,046 miles (yes, I know that's a lot and I know I probably need a new engine). Ever since I bought it, it has had a tough time starting. It would crank for about 3-5 seconds and then sputter a bit (maybe for 0.5second-1second) and then finally start right up. It continued to get worse. A month after I bought it, it wouldn't start one morning. It would crank all day but not start. I got the fuel pump replaced and it worked for two more weeks with the same initial problem (crank for 3-5 seconds and sputter [for 0.5second-1second] and then finally start). Then it wouldn't start again after two more weeks. It would crank all day with no start again. So I took it back to the shop and got the fuel pump and fuel pump motor replaced AGAIN. It's been two weeks now and it's about to do it to me all over again.

new spark plug wires. two new fuel pumps. I checked the spark plugs, they all have perfect spacing and all spark perfectly.

I have heard that a new crankshaft position sensor would fix this but I need more conformation on that theory, I don't really have the money to just throw around (which is contradicting because I bought a Jeep).

My father has his BA in some sort of automotive engineering, and he's been right about everything that has been wrong with it so far, except he has no clue about this one. I have the first jeep my immediate family has ever owned, so we don't have really any jeep experience. I LOVE my jeep and I couldn't ever get rid of it. Please please please PLEASE help!!

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