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maximusAF 04-04-2013 01:57 PM

Question about 6" LED lights for bumper (as fogs)
I'm looking at front bumper (Rock Slide Engineering) that has cutouts for 6" lights (fogs) on it. I'm hoping to upgrade my regular headlights to JW Speaker 8700's.

I love the bumper, only problem is IMO I think the 6" is a tad big for the aux/fog lights. I'd love to keep the JW Speaker theme going......wish I could just put in JW 6045's.

My question would it work if I put in JW Speaker 8630's, which are a 6" round headlight? I'm just thinking aloud, but trying to think of what JW Speaker has that could go in that 6" slot and work as a fog light.


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