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navywrangler 04-04-2013 04:29 PM

NEW from simpsonville/greenville area
Got a 95 yj like 5 months ago , looking to upgrade many things , I have changed the seals in the axels and put an old hard top !

Brittcale 07-13-2013 10:30 PM

Hi navywrangler. I'm also new to this forum and new owner in simpsonville. Hope to see you around town.

Dano222 07-21-2013 08:19 AM

Hey All . . . I'm new to the forum and a fairly new YJ owner myself. Bought the ol "Speedster" 92 YJ, 2.5L, 5 speed in spring. I live in the 5 Forks area, off 296 between Woodruff Road and Rt. 101, If you see me make sure you wave!!! As mentioned bought it in the spring, knowing what I know now, probably should of looked a little longer, but it is what it is, still love it. Black with a 3" body lift, have the back seat out, and the top off for the summer. Done some upgrades. The inside was pretty messed up, scratched all over, not sure how that all happened but, pulled out the carpet (trash), back seat and painted the inside of the tub, looks 100% better now. The doors are still on the list, especially the inside door panels, all weathered/worn grey, original black. Having a tuff time on finding a way to get the grey off, tried about every cleaner in the house, no luck, any ideas? Next, changed front/rear diff. oils, transmission oil, transfer case oil and engine oil. Thought it may way been running hot, wasn't allot of flow (temp gage never reads above 100) so on to the cooling system, new water pump, thermostat, hoses and a flush. Going to try to get that dab-nab-it gage working today. From reading some past posts here, sounds as if it may be a corroded, dirty connection on the gage cluster circuit board, I am keeping my finger crossed, no mechanic, just learning as I go. If not an aftermarket gage should do the trick. With the top off and back seat out had no place to put anything, so got a hold of an 1976 wooden Budweiser beer case with lid and mounted if right behind the front seats to where the backseat mounted, I like it, though it rattles, need a catch for the top. Still need the wheels balanced sometime. Clutch, transmission, exhaust or ??? is making a allot of noise, kinda almost like a rattle around 2000 RPM but going to save that one for the experts. Would be kinda fun sometime to meet with y'all, do the parking lot thing, could even put a post out there to see if others would be interested. Take Care, Be Safe, and keep em running . . .

Brittcale 07-21-2013 07:32 PM

Hi Dano, your diagnosis on the dash cluster sounds accurate. Some scotch brite or light sanding if possible on the connections will do wonders, then add a little dielectric grease to help prevent corrosion. Thumbs up on the rear box. See you around ::wavey::

Dano222 07-22-2013 12:05 AM

Hey Britt . . . I did take the dash gage cluster out today and cleaned both the gage contacts and connector pins, was kinda a pain with aftermarket radio, however, bad news is no difference, good news, I didn't mess anything else up in the process, Yea. Stopped in Advance auto today, he suggested I may try grounding the sensor wire to a good ground, thinks it should peg if the gage is good. May give that a shot. I'll just keep pluggin away at it.
Soooo Britt tell me a little bit about what your driving. . .

Brittcale 07-22-2013 06:59 PM

Dano.. Good job at not messing anything else up. That would have been my next thought if you were still having difficulty with your gauges. I did drive an '88 yj for a stint, now have a '13 JKR. Having a ton of fun with it and keep failing to take pictures. See you around ::wavey::

Dano222 08-06-2013 04:47 PM

Water temperature sensor did remedy my gage problem. Thanks . . . finally got around to it . .. .

jeepster82 05-17-2014 11:13 AM

just got my 94yj on the road, mostly stock, 4banger, 33" bighorns, nice lil lift, wanna find some nice soft trails, maybe a lil mud, just somewhere to tool around pretty much, im in ware shoals on maddux bridge rd. any suggestions?

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